Marceline D'Souza
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This memorial website is created in the memory of our beloved Mummy, Marceline D'Souza who was born in India on August 28, 1923 and passed away on May 13, 1999 at the age of 75. She was truly a fountain of love.

Thank you for being such a wonderful mother. We love you Mom.

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Mom, We Love you.   / Diany Coutinho (Youngest Daughter )
Ten years are gone by, not seeing you Mom. Just we know, what pain we went through missing you everyday. Your ever smiling face, over flowing love & kindness will be remembered forever. So gentle, yet so bold We fail to find a person like y...  Continue >>
beautiful legacy left behind   / Effie David ((Kuwait) Diany's friend )
Dearest Marcelin aunty Reading the tributes lines above , I must admit the great legacy yu have left behind .N I can see them fulfilled starting by yur darling daughter Diany n all the loving! caring family members I was privileged to have met the...  Continue >>
Happy Birthday Mummy   / Diany Coutinho (youngest child )
Remembering you on this special day and pray for your sweet soul. May you enjoy eternal peace in da heavens above.. Love u lots mummy.. Miss u always. Intersede for us so all your dear once live happily on this earth. Happy Birthday Mom... Offe...  Continue >>
Happy Birthday Nana   / Reynal Valdeiro (Grand Daughter )
Miss you loads and loads Nana. I am sure you will have an awesome birthday in heaven.
Tribute on 15th Death Anniversary   / Diany Coutinho (Daughter)
Sometimes I fail to understand how your presence is felt so strongly in our lives even in your absence Mom.  You have lived with us throughout these 15 years... guiding us, protecting us and loving us. Our family is grown Mom..I'm sure...  Continue >>
MARCELINE !  / Children     Read >>
We love you Mummy  / Children     Read >>
Miss you Nana  / Edle LoboPrabhu (Second Grandchild )    Read >>
Miss you Aunty  / Neville D'Cunha (Nephew)    Read >>
Heaven is Ultimate Destination  / Henry Coutinho (Youngest Son-in-law )    Read >>
Fond memories of you dear Nana  / Sharon (Grand daughter )    Read >>
SACRIFICE: Your favourite song, mamma!!  / Fr. Donnie De Souza (Son)    Read >>
MRS / Melissa Furtado (friend fo Diany )    Read >>
Tribute / Sidney (Sunny) Dsouza (Son)    Read >>
Will fetch it for you!  / Errol Lobo (Eldest Grandson )    Read >>
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Marceline D'Souza
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